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Tropicana Field Seats

By Tampa Bay Rays Tickets Staff Writer D. Parker

Sitting in a Tropicana Field seat is the best way for fans to watch and enjoy the Tampa Bay Rays compete against teams in the American League East division.


The Tropicana Field is a domed stadium where the Tampa Bay Rays have played since the team was inaugurated in Major League Baseball in 1998. The Dome resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, and is the only stadium in history to host full season of pro baseball, football, hockey, and arena football.

Tropicana Field Seats

The stadium is the only non-retractable stadium left in the MLB, but has great seating, amenities, and concessions within the dome including two full sit-down restaurants, the Center Field Brewhouse and the Batter's Eye Restaurant. The most recognizable architectural feature of the Rays stadium is the slanted roof. This was created to reduce energy costs and to protect the stadium during certain weather conditions. Sounds efficient and safe to me! Click here to see home games scheduled at the Tropicana Field.


One of the coolest attractions that the Rays stadium has onsite is the Rays Touch Tank. This is a 35-foot, 10,000 gallon tank that is filled with live rays taken from Tampa Bay waters. The admission is free and is just a perk to attending a Rays home game. The fans get to see, learn, touch, and feed the rays, adding to their experience at the Rays game and the stadium.


If you enjoy watching Rays game on television at home, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy watching in one of Tropicana Field seats at the Rays stadium. Check out tickets for any Tampa Bay Rays game here at