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Tampa Rays Schedule

By Tampa Bay Rays Tickets Staff Writer D. Parker

The Tampa Rays Schedule includes quality baseball games against teams within the Eastern Conference of the American League.


The entire AL East Conference is made up of 5 teams: Tampa Bay Rays, the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, and Baltimore Orioles. Each of these games are said to be packed with talent and excitement, and fan engagement is assured at each game.

Tampa rays schedule

The schedule usually starts with spring training in early February and ends late October. Each team in the entire AL East Conference is required to play 162 games in a regular season, and these games include home and away games, as well as games against teams not in your division.


There have been a few instances in Major League Baseball where games have been cancelled and/or postponed due to extreme weather conditions. Fortunately, the Tropicana Field is an domed stadium, which cuts down the risk of some of these problems occurring. The most recognizable architectural feature of the Rays stadium is the slanted roof. This was created to protect the stadium during certain weather conditions.

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