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By Tampa Bay Rays Tickets Staff Writer D. Parker

Purchasing a Tampa Bay Ray ticket is an easy and affordable way to fun and entertainment for families and fans.


Watching any Rays game will give you a feel for quality baseball. With the amazing talent of the players and the leadership of the team managers and coaches, any Rays game will guarantee you a valued baseball game.

Tampa Bay Rays

Along with the team, there are many more attractions that add to your baseball experience. There are two onsite restaurants at the Tropicana Stadium where you can enjoy good meals as you watch the game. There’s also a water tank of live rays where guests and fans are allowed to touch and feed the rays.


The Tampa Bay Rays made significant changes to their image. These changes included changing the team’s name from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to the Tampa Bay Rays. The teams' primary colors were once black, green, and blue, but were changed to navy blue, Columbia blue, and gold. Lastly, the team's logo was changed from a manta ray to a ray of sunlight, although the manta ray is still seen on parts of their jerseys.


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