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Tampa Bay Rays Roster

By Tampa Bay Rays Tickets Staff Writer D. Parker

Each player in the Tampa Bay Rays roster equally participates and gives each game their all.


One of the current players on the Tampa Bay Rays roster that are known for their talent is Evan Longoria, who was recognized as Rookie of the Year in 2008. Recent players on the team that have also been recognized as contributing to the teams success are Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena, whom are both Gold Glove Award recipients. To see Longoria and other current Rays players, check out the Tampa Bay Rays schedule here.

Rays Player Evan Longoria

The most notable star to be on the Tampa Bay Rays roster is Wade Boggs. Wade Boggs tallied his 3000th career hit on a home run, the only player to ever do so. Boggs retired the next season, but got his number retired and was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2005.


During Rays spring training, the Rays give baseball players not currently on the roster a chance to try out for any open positions on the team. The spring training games are exhibition games, but are still exciting to watch. For the current players on the roster these games are like practices, but can be seen as a one in a lifetime opportunity for some of the players trying out.

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