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Rays Spring Training

By Tampa Bay Rays Tickets Staff Writer D. Parker

Rays spring training is where fans will witness players trying out for the team roster and position spots, while giving existing team players practice time before the regular season.


The Tampa Bay Rays spring training is a great outing for everyone. Fans get to tailgate, watch the Rays show off their skill for the season, and enjoy watching quality baseball.

Tamoa Bay Rays Fans

Spring training usually last about two months, starting mid-February typically. Rays spring training gives baseball players currently not on the roster the chance to try out for open position spots. This is a great opportunity for those players and for the fans to get engaged and excited about the upcoming season. Click here to see Rays spring training game dates and venue locactions in cities from Fort Myers to Tampa.


The warm weather and the great atmosphere in St. Petersburg, Florida brings many fans to the Tropicana Stadium to watch their favorite team and enjoy a good time. It’s a great attraction to a vacation or if you’re a resident. Spring break usually coincides with spring training, so many students are usually in attendance at the spring training games. Boredom is the last word you’re relate to Rays Spring training once you’ve been in attendance.


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